Pink flowers in front of brown building

Yale Drops Suit Against Black Ex-Employee Who Smashed Slavery-Depicting Stained Glass

Corey Menafee on his decision to break the window: “It’s 2016, I shouldn’t have to come to work and see things like that.”

Protestors holding orange sign with black letters in downtown Hartford

Activists in 3 Cities Block ICE Office Entrances, Roads to Protest Deportations

Representing a coalition of immigration reform and anti-deportation groups across the country, the activists took to the streets in the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s split United States v. Texas decision.

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15-Hour Senate Filibuster Forces Gun Control Vote

Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy and 38 of his colleagues stay up half the night to advocate for congressional action in the wake of the Pulse Orlando shooting.

'Breaking' Presents: Xenia Rubinos, a Powerhose Singer/Songwriter Unafraid to Learn Out Loud

On her funky second album, “Black Terry Cat,” the genre-bender explores identity, police violence and the hidden labor of Latino/a restaurant workers.

Uniformed high school students, white sign with multicolored lettering

Connecticut Students Walk Out, Protest Lack of Teacher Diversity

Students at New Haven, Connecticut’s Amistad High School shed light on what they describe as an environment that alienates Black educators and staff at the predominantly Black and Latino school.

REPORT: 'Normal America' Looks More Like a Big Diverse City Than a Small Homogeneous Town

A new FiveThirtyEight article uncovers the fallacies behind the political notion of what “real Americans” look like.

MacArthur Foundation Awards $25 Million in Grants for Justice System Reform

Twenty jurisdictions will receive funding to reduce racial and ethnic disparities and shrink jail populations across the nation.

ICYMI: Connecticut Rules Death Penalty Unconstitutional

The Connecticut Supreme Court rules that the death penalty “fails to comport with our abiding freedom from cruel and unusual punishment.”

Connecticut Considers Transfer of Transgender Teen Held in Adult Prison

But her future remains uncertain.

Connecticut Holds Transgender Girl in Adult Prison

“Jane Doe” has never been criminally charged or convicted. So why has she been behind bars since April 8?

Take a Look at 'The Worst of the Worst', Connecticut's Supermax Prison

“When you incarcerate someone, you’re incarcerating all the people that love them, too.”

Connecticut Limits Cooperation With Secure Communities

Connecticut’s legislature unanimously agreed to limit the state’s compliance with the federal Secure Communities deportation program.

Connecticut to Allow Undocumented Immigrants to Apply for Driving Licenses

Connecticut is set to become the latest state to allow immigrants to get driver’s licenses regardless of their legal status.

Northeast Tribal Lands Hit Hard by Hurricane Sandy

Northeastern tribes say they need both federal and non-governmental agencies to help with recovery efforts after Hurricane Sandy.

CT Court Set to Hear Inmate's Case that Death Penalty is Racist

The inmates cite a study that concluded that people of color accused of murdering white victims are three times more likely to receive a death sentence as defendants in white-on-white murder cases.