Congressional Black Caucus

Leaked Memos Confirm Suspicions About Maxine Waters Ethics Probe

Those in the Representative’s camp say the new information proves the case to be a bungled partisan affair.

Questions Remain in Ethics Committee Probe of Maxine Waters

If there’s nothing wrong, why such hesitancy to let us know what’s going on?

CBC Drops Its Own Budget: $5.7 Trillion Deficit Cut Without Gutting Programs

It’s been a tradition every year since 1981, but this year’s budget battle gives the proposal new significance.

CBC Marks 40th Anniversary With "Substantive" Talks With Obama

But it’s not clear exactly what substance they hashed out.

Rep. Cleaver: GOP Manufactures Black-Brown Tensions

Members call the GOP’s tactics to divide communities of color on immigration as “abhorrent and repulsive.”

Congressional Black Caucus "Cannot Accept" Obama Budget Cuts

Members say the real deficit trouble is December’s tax cut deal, not vital poverty and development programs.

Allen West and Tim Scott Don't Bring GOP Closer to Black Caucus

As black Republicans, both lawmakers force both parties to ask new questions.

Poll: Pelosi's "Ethical Swamp" is Flooding (with CBC Members)

Over half of likely voters in competitive districts think the house speaker has failed to clean up Washington.

Black and Latino Lawmakers Hold Up Student Loan Fixes!

Sketchy for-profit schools have found allies in Washington.

Mr. President, I'm Exhausted of Defending You

One black voter tells Obama she’s tired of waiting for the change.

Predictably, Rangel Wins Democratic Primary

He may not be in danger, but his party is.

Rangel, Waters Ethics Trials Not Expected Till After Elections

Either way, it’s more bad news for Democrats headed into November’s elections.

CBC Foundation Chair Orders Audit in Johnson Scholarship Scandal

Are Pelosi’s efforts to drain the ethical swamp in Washington working?

Former CBC Chairwoman Eddie Bernice Johnson's In Trouble

Another black lawmaker faces allegations of ethics violations.

Charlie Rangel Says, "Fire Your Best Shot"

The embattled Harlem rep takes to the House floor for a full-throated self-defense.

Rep. Waters Faces Formal Charges, Ready to Square Off

Another black lawmaker’s in the hot seat.

Rangel, Waters and the Perils of Entrenched Power

Corruption may not be the point. Maybe they’ve just been in charge way too long.

Rangel Charged, Says He's Finally Had a "Bad Day"

The famously confident Harlem legend faces 13 ethics violations.

Charlie Rangel's Face Off With Accountability

Rangel stands his ground, with Congressional Black Caucus support, as his ethics trial looms.

Will Harlem Legend Rangel Take One for the Team? Not Likely

Dem leaders want him to cut a deal before things get really ugly, but some say it’s time to exit stage left.