confederate flag

Red flag with navy stripes and white stars on white pole in front of grey building and statue and blue sky

Charleston Activist Freed After Arrest for Knocking Down Confederate Flag

Video shows Muhiyidin Elamin Moye, a member of a Charleston, South Carolina-based Black Lives Matter group, jumping through police tape to grab South Carolina Secessionist Party leader James Bessenger’s Confederate flag.

Black and white police SUV covered in flowers and other commemorations against red brick background and under navy tent with white lettering

ICYMI: Before Allegedly Killing 2 Iowa Police Officers, Suspect Waved Confederate Flag Near Black People at HS Football Game

A video attributed to Scott Michael Greene showed him holding Confederate and American flags in front of Black game attendees. Another video he took depicts his interactions with school officials after being ejected.  

White billboard reading "Make America White Again" in Black text

Tennessee Congressional Candidate's 'Make America White Again' Billboards Taken Down

Another of independent candidate Rick Tyler’s controversial billboards featured the White House ringed with Confederate flags and the words “I have a dream.”

People stand looking at colorful memorial in front of white church

We Remember: The Charleston Massacre, 1 Year Later

Say their names.

Interior of a large cathedral with high, arched ceilings; stained glass windows line the walls

National Cathedral to Remove Confederate Flags in Stained Glass Windows

The Cathedral’s canon theologian, Rev. Dr. Kelly Brown Douglas: “The Lee-Jackson windows call the question of race and the legacy of slavery, and instead of turning away from that question, the Cathedral has decided to lean into it.”

Congressional Staffer Says People Who Don't Support Confederate Flag Are Basically Terrorists

Somehow, his admonition did not stop House reps from voting to ban the controversial flag from federal cemeteries.

White Man Protests Walmart's Confederate Flag Ban With a Bomb, is Peacefully Arrested

Tupelo Police Chief Bart Aguirre: “He’s a strong supporter of keeping that flag flying. … This is his way of bringing attention to that.”

Maryland is Third State to Ban Confederate Flag from License Plates

Maryland joins Virginia and Texas in recalling license plates that feature the Confederate battle flag.

Pro-Confederate Flag Group Charged With Terrorism and Gang Activity

The 15 “Respect the Flag” members allegedly shouted racial epithets at a group of black partygoers and threatened them with a gun.

Virginia to Recall License Plates Featuring the Confederate Flag

A VIrginia judge ruled that the state does not have to allow an image of the Confederate flag on its specialty license plates.

VIDEO: Apparently, You Can Don a KKK Tattoo and FUBU Sneakers at the Same Time

Seriously though, this Confederate Flag-waver sees nothing wrong with it. 

Part 5—Race Trips: Confederate Lies and Apple Pie

In Part 5 of this Colorlines series, journalists Brian and Erin Hollaway Palmer, an interracial couple, continue their trip through the Deep South where they’re confronting sugar-coated Confederate history, the stories of their ancestors, and the profound weirdness of a polite society plagued by racism. 

Two Charlotte Confederate Monuments Latest To Be Vandalized

One monument, which honored Confederate soldiers upholding the ‘Anglo-Saxon civilization of the South,’ was covered in cement. 

South Carolina Governor Signs Bill to Remove Confederate Flag

Weeks after Charleston massacre, the Confederate battle flag will be removed from it’s perch above the South Carolina Capitol.

VIDEO: Here's what Bobby Jindal ACTUALLY Said About the Confederate Flag

Because even though we know he loves the Stars and Bars, he didn’t really say it was part of his heritage. 

Race Trips: Confederate Lies and Apple Pie

In a new Colorlines series, journalists Brian and Erin Hollaway Palmer, an interracial couple, are traveling the Deep South to confront the big lie of Confederate history, the truth about their ancestors, and the profound weirdness of a polite society plagued by racism. 

Facebook Post From Former Supporter Renouncing Confederate Flag Shared Nearly 75,000 Times

“The more I researched about the history of the flag, the worse I felt. What I had been told about its history was wrong,” he said.

Poll: Most White Americans View Confederate Flag as a Symbol of Southern Pride, Not Racism

New CNN poll finds that while blacks overwhelming view the Confederate battle flag as racist, more than half of all whites think it’s just a symbol of Southern pride.

#TBT: Chris Rock Proposes New South Carolina State Flag

This clip from “The Chris Rock Show” is more relevant than ever.