Letitia Wright in grey and brown warrior outfit with panther-shaped arm cannons in front of grey structure

Shuri, Your Favorite Wakandan Princess, Gets Her Own Marvel Series

Nigerian-American author Nnedi Okorafor writes a new set of comics that follow the genius as she leaves the lab to fulfill Black Panthers responsibilities.

Ryan Coogler in black shirt, Danai Gurira in yellow dress, Chadwick Boseman in black shirt with blue blazer, Lupita Nyong'o in brown dress, Michael B. Jordan in black crewneck

The 'Black Panther' Cast is Peak Black Excellence

The official cast lineup was revealed at Comic-Con, and it’s lit. Plus, writer Roxane Gay will co-write a new comic companion series to the current “Black Panther” comic reboot.

First Look at Ta-Nehisi Coates' Upcoming 'Black Panther' Comic

The first edition will be released digitally on April 6. 

Check Out 'Raising Dion,' a New Comic About a Single Mom Bringing Up a Superhero Son

A new comic eschews the typical superhero story to follow the single mother who helps him develop his powers.

Marvel's Newest Superhero is a Black, Genius Preteen: Moon Girl

New sueprhero alert! Moon Girl is described as “Inspector Gadget—only this time, she also knows what she’s doing.”

‘Breaking’ Presents Ariell Johnson, Comic Shop Builder

Johnson’s upcoming comic store and coffeehouse will create community and highlight artists of color.


Black Latino Miles Morales Is Officially The New Spider-Man

Alternate universe Spidey is set to take over the starring role in this fall’s Spider-Man comic reboot.

Cheo Hodari Coker Named Showrunner of "Luke Cage"

Coker joins the Marvel universe.

Ruth Negga Snags Leading Role in Comic Book Drama

Ruth Negga will star in AMC’s “Preacher” in a role originally written for a southern white woman.

Why America's Comics Are More Diverse Than Ever

Society has changed, and so have its superheroes.

Gene Luen Yang on Diversity in Comics: 'We Have to Make Mistakes'

The award-winning graphic novelist delivered a rousing speech at the National Book Festival gala.

Gene Luen Yang Helps Revive the First Asian-American Superhero

The Green Turtle is back.

Queer Comics of Color Look at the Racism of Hipster Halloweens

Julio Salgado and Tina Vasquez show that you’re not alone in your Halloween anxiety.

Four Panels on Race and Gender at NYC Comic Con

Racialicious has a handy guide for thew few panels that address these issues.

Artist Encourages People to Report 'Illegal' Comic Heroes to ICE

“If ICE is going to be rounding up people and labeling them ‘illegal’, that has to be applied to these pop culture gods and goddesses,” says Neil Rivas.

At San Francisco's Latino Comics Expo, Artists Create Their Own Heroes

Confessionals about family and tattoos? A Mesoamerican answer to Game of Thrones? E.T. in a sombrero? These comic artists are doing it all, and doing it for themselves.

Comic Artist Re-Draws Islam With Secular Superheroes in "The 99"

Naif Al-Mutawa’s comic has been banned by censors in Muslim countries and demagogued by Islamophobes in the United States. spoke with the psychologist-turned-artist about the ideas behind his series.

Can a Black-Latino Spider-Man Do Whatever a Spider Can? [Reader Forum]

The new mixed-race Spider-Man just got introduced to comics fans, and the idea of him is sparking conversations about race and art. Our readers discuss.

New to the World of Comics: Guillermo Del Toro and Tom Morello

It’s all part of Dark Horse Comic’s plan to court new readers to the genre.

How X-Men Ignored History and Misread Its Viewers

It’s a testament to the colorblind myth that a film about social exclusion set squarely in the era of the American civil rights movement did not include a single developed character of color.