ICE Mistakenly Deports Dallas Teen Who Speaks No Spanish to Colombia

An African-American girl, who was 14 at the time, was mistakenly deported to Colombia by ICE.

Colombia Moves Past Reconciliation and Revives the Idea of Reparation

The war-torn nation will allow victims of violence to petition for compensation. If the project works, it just may rewrite the rules of justice for human rights atrocities.

U.S. Multinationals Revive NAFTA-Style Trade Deals on Capitol Hill

From the food industry to tea party benefactor David Koch, corporatists are hammering lawmakers to move pacts that have been stalled since the Bush era.

Consensus Builds on Free Trade Deals, Alongside Proof of Their Toll

On the same day this month, the president backed a Colombia pact he campaigned against, and new memos revealed how complicit Chiquita has been in anti-union violence.