College Admissions

Black young woman with long ponytail and green top sitting at a brown table taking test in classroom.

Standardized Test to Add 'Adversity Score' to Results

The organization behind the SATs wants to provide race- and class-related context to college admissions testing.

Blue-tinted illustration of a pastoral scene with the following printed on it in white lettering: "Georgetown Unversity: Slavery, Memory and Reconciliation"

World Reacts to Georgetown's Decision to Extend Preference to Descendants of Slaves

“If descendants of Georgetown slaves deserve compensation, why don’t all Black Americans?”

UNC, Harvard Sued for Discriminating Against Asians in Admissions

Asians are putting themselves at the frontlines of the fight to end affirmative action in college admissions.

Low-Income Student Enrollment Stagnates at Elite Colleges

Even though the numbers of low-income students has grown in the same time period.

Public Universities Funding Less Low-Income Students Nationwide

A new study from ProPublica and The Chronicle for Higher Education shows colleges most frequented by low-income students are giving them less aid than ever.

Junot Díaz Schools Stephen Colbert on College-Bound Undocumented Youth

The MacArthur Fellow discusses path to citizenship, education for undocumented immigrants and the “Superman Question.”

Here's How Students of Color Fit Into Higher Ed's Shifting Ecosystem

The U.S. higher education system is a vast and growing network, but whether it be for-profit schools or private universities, who goes where changes largely according to race.

High School Senior Sings His Way Off UMich's Admission Wait List

High school senior Lawrence Yong from Los Angeles just sang himself off the admissions waitlist at the University of Michigan.

College Board: New Photo ID Requirements for SAT Will Not Affect Undocumented Students

The changes will not affect students who may not have access to government-issued IDs, according to The College Board.

Calif. State Schools Slash Spring Admission in Big Hit to Students of Color

The majority of students locked out of enrolling in the Spring are mainly transfers from community colleges who are overwhelmingly students of color.