Black Churches Announce Scholarships for Students at Normandy High School

Michael Brown graduated from Normandy High School just days before he was killed by Officer Darren Wilson

At Towson Univ., A Student Makes His Case for a White Student Union

A university in Maryland must tackle thorny questions of race, but trying to avoid the topic altogether.

Loan Interest Freeze Provides Boost, and New Barriers, for Students of Color

Last week’s agreement brought welcome news, but difficult cuts, for student borrowers.

Study: Many College Students are Part-Timers, Less Likely to Graduate

A new report finds that, barring serious reforms, today’s young people will be the first generation in American history to be less educated than their predecessors.

Ward Connerly Joins UC Berkeley's Republican 'Diversity Bake Sale'

Ward Connerly, a former UC Regent and a national driving force of ending affirmative action, joins UC Berkeley’s

College Republicans’ ‘Diversity Bakesale.’

UC Berkeley College Republicans Hold 'Diversity Bake Sale', Mock Race

The sale is set to include baked goods that are priced according to the buyer’s race. White men pay more, Native Americans pay the least.

As College Students Return to School, They Pay More Than Ever For It

The prestigious University of California system is the latest public school in which students are now paying more than the state. As a result, say researchers, black students in particular will graduate with massive debt.

Undergrads On the Brink of Homelessness

With a rise in college tuition and unemployment, students are managing to stay in school by sleeping in the library and showering at the gym.

Lots More Students of Color in College--and in Debt

An Education Department study finds black students disproportionately in for-profit schools, students of color broadly in public institutions.