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Chris Christie Wants Flights to Cuba Banned Until Assata Shakur is Extradited

The presidential hopeful on Shakur: “I will not tolerate rewarding the Cuban government for continuing to harbor a fugitive.”

Chris Christie Says Immigrants Should be Tracked Like FedEx Packages

The New Jersey governor and Republican presidential candidate said that if he wins the election, he’ll hire FedEx founder to train immigration officials.

New Jersey Gov. Christie Nominates Openly Gay African-American Man to Supreme Court

On Monday, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie nominated an openly gay African-American Republican mayor and a Korean-American assistant attorney general to the state’s highest court.

Kwon would be the first Asian-American to sit on the state Supreme Court, and Harris would be the first openly gay justice.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie: "This Sharia Law Business Is Crap"

New Jersey’s Republican Gov. Chris Christie didn’t pull any punches when he defended a Muslim American lawyer recently appointed to the state bench.