Children's Book

A toddler wearing a blue shirt rests their ear against a pregnant womans belly who is wearing a green shirt. The picture is collaged over a red background.

New Children's Book Shatters Monolithic Depictions of Motherhood

Juniper Fitzgerald and Elise Peterson’s new picture book, ‘How Mamas Love Their Babies,’ shows the many ways that mothers use their bodies to take care of and love their children.

Young Black man in black baseball hat against blue inset background and black record art

3 Questions With Ma Dukes Yancey-Smith, the Torchbearer of J. Dilla's Legend

Yancey-Smith’s children’s book about her late son, “The Life Story of James Dewitt Yancey,” is out now. We asked the woman behind the production hero’s namesake foundation about the new book and her son’s place in Black history.

Sherman Alexie in blue and white plaid shirt, white background

Sherman Alexie on Creating Contemporary Native Characters for His New Children's Book

“I try to focus on the positive stuff in the Indian world,” the writer and poet told Indian Country Today Media Network.

8-Year-Old 'Moxie McGriff' Author Releases New Book About Afro Puff-Powered Superheroine

Natalie McGriff’s second book features the titular character saving a public library system from monsters.

Introducing 'P is for Pussy,' a Subversive Kids' Book That Will Tickle Adults

With her first book, “P is for Pussy,” veteran producer and curator Elissa Blount-Moorhead hopes to capture kids who are learning the alphabet and their parents who need to laugh.