W. Kamau Bell Shows Us How to Fight Hate, One Awkward Conversation at a Time

With a new CNN docu-series, “United Shades of America,” and Showtime stand-up special, “Semi-Prominent Negro,” Bell continues to serve up his unique brand of race talk through the lens of never-mean jokes.

STUDY: Black Kids Less Likely than Whites to Receive Proper Pain Treatment in ER

Emergency doctors are quicker to provide effective opioid pain relief for white kids than black kids.

Report: Child Poverty Rate Holds Steady for Blacks, Down for Everyone Else

The poverty rate for black children is holding steady at 38 percent, while the rate of Asian, Latino and white American children living in an impoverished household dropped to 20 percent.

Meet the 8-Year-Old Who Speaks 8 Languages

Mabou Loiseau wants to be a lawyer, a brain surgeon and a singer when she grows up.

Active Military Post Prepares to Detain Immigrant Children

The children are mostly from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala.

Video: Portland Committee Reviews Arrest of Nine-Year-Old Girl

The child was in a wet swimsuit when she was handcuffed and taken into custody at an adult jail.

Black Preschoolers Suspended More Than White Preschoolers

Yes, preschoolers.