child welfare

Oakland Program Boosts Academic Performance for Students of Color, Looks to Expand

Seneca Family of Agencies’ “Unconditional Education” model improved kids math, reading, attendance and discipline.

Why It's Crucial to Keep Immigrant Families Together

Each year, thousands of immigrant parents are ripped away from their kids. Now, it’s time for us to make a difference.

Grandparents Keep Families Afloat

At least one in ten kids in the U.S. is being raised by a grandparent.

Immigrant Families Face Child Welfare and Deportation

Harsher enforcement is tearing families apart.

Native Foster Care Placements up Sharply in North Dakota

A recent surge in foster care placements of Native American children in South Dakota may reflect the economic hard times–or evoke a bleak legacy of segregation.

Mom Sues After State Takes Baby in Hospital Translation Horror

Hospital officials deemed the mother unfit because she spoke an indigenous language.

New York Moves to Keep Incarcerated Parents Connected to Kids

The prison system and the child welfare system both have the power to split families apart, and too often, they are tragically linked when the state imposes its judgment that a parent is no longer worthy of her child. For the majority of men and women in New York’s prisons, their fate as parents hinges on a legal timetable that pushes their children toward adoption.