Charter Schools

Blue pencil case sits atop teal book with white cover, all sitting on a child's desk in a classroom; only the desk is in focus

Separate, Unequal: 700+ Public Charter Schools Are Whiter Than Their Districts

From priority attendance zones to expensive uniforms to no-busing policies, a new report says that many charter schools are creating highly segregated, richly resourced schools.

Puerto Rican children sit in a shelter sitting on a light blue bench two of the children are playing with a phone the other three are watching.

Puerto Rico to Close 283 Public Schools, Teachers Condemn Decision

The news comes two weeks after Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Roselló signed a bill to implement a charter school and voucher program.

Uniformed high school students, white sign with multicolored lettering

Connecticut Students Walk Out, Protest Lack of Teacher Diversity

Students at New Haven, Connecticut’s Amistad High School shed light on what they describe as an environment that alienates Black educators and staff at the predominantly Black and Latino school.

Report: New York City Charter Schools Discipline Rules Violate Students' Rights

107 of 164 New York City charter schools allow for suspension or expulsion, regardless of how minor the infraction.

Michigan Charter Schools: Findings From Year-Long Investigation

The results aren’t that great for Michigan charters

Rapper Pitbull Explains His New Miami Charter School

It looks like John Legend isn’t the only pop star who’s interested in education reform.

Some Skeptical of Perfect College Rate at Chicago's Urban Prep

The school has made international headlines year-after-year for their perfect college going rates–including a segment on the Oprah Winfrey show–but skeptics say there may a lot more to the success story that we don’t know about.

A Miracle in New Orleans Schools? Students Say, Not Quite

Students of color concerned about New Orleans’ inequitable school reforms organized to have their voices heard, and the district listened.

Six Los Angeles Charter Schools Shut Down

Is this a sign to pro-reformers’ commitment to accountability? Or proof that charters are untested?

Los Angeles Number One In Charter School Enrollment

But are they making a difference?

Oprah Winfrey's Education Reform Infomercial

The talk show hosts brings together the country’s most volatile education reformers.

Did Charter Schools Save New Orleans After Katrina?

Today only 38,000 students are enrolled in New Orleans schools, compared with 65,000 in the year before Katrina.