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Muslim-American girls in white and gray and blue hijabs and multicolored clothing stand near Brown boy with black hair and beard and blue shirt while holding black filmmaking equipment in front of red brick wall and brown wall and green tree and gray sky

WATCH: Young Muslim Filmmakers Take Control of Their Stories

Participants in the Center for Asian American Media’s Muslim Youth Voices Project captured their realities and imaginations in a series of newly released films.

Black-and-white image of Chinese men in grey clothing holding brown hats in front of field with bricks and industrial supplies and wood fence

'The Chinese Exclusion Act' Documentary Explores Roots of Xenophobic Policy

Co-director Li-Shin Yu: “This is essentially who were are, but is this who we want to be?”

Asian man in purple shirt and tie behind blue graphics with white and yellow text and in front of blue and pink screen

Arthur Chu Answers His Toughest Question Yet in Documentary

“Who is Arthur Chu?” follows the 11-time “Jeopardy!” champion as he fights racist trolling and wrestles with his newfound celebrity.

Black-and-white photo of Asian men in black and white and grey clothing in front of wooden building and glass window

WATCH: Doc Tells Story of Japanese-Americans' 'Resistance at Tule Lake'

The film highlights the actions of Japanese Americans who refused to submit to the United States government’s insistence on allegiance during World War II.

Black-and-white image of Asian man in grey and black outfit in front of grey background with grey text on image

How The Child of Chinese Immigrants Led the Charge for Birthright Citizenship in the U.S.

A new clip from “The Chinese Exclusion Act,” an upcoming PBS documentary, highlights how Wong Kim Ark took his battle for American citizenship to the Supreme Court.

#FundraiserFriday: 'Who is Arthur Chu?' Depicts 'Jeopardy!' Champion Fighting Model Minority Stereotypes

The upcoming documentary on the 11-time “Jeopardy!” winner follows Chu’s personal evolution from game show winner to culture critic, reconnecting with family and bucking racist expectations along the way. 

WATCH: Check Out 'Off The Menu,' a New Documentary on Asian-American Cuisine

“Off the Menu” was directed by Grace Lee, the filmmaker behind the acclaimed Grace Lee Boggs documentary. 

Center For Asian American Media Announces 2015 Documentary Fund Awardees

The Center for Asian American Media is lending its support to four films that illuminate various aspects of the Asian-American experience.