2010 U.S. Census

Decision to Add Citizenship Question in 2020 Census Met with Swift Outcry, Lawsuit

California sues Trump administration over citizenship question, arguing that the move will scare off immigrants and result in drastic population undercount.

Black and white photo of a young Black boy

5 Key Takeaways From That New Report on the Wealth of Black Men

“Black boys fare worse than White boys in 99 percent of America.”

Black hands holding a small, red, white and blue flag.

How Trump's Immigration Plan Impacts The Nation's Racial Makeup in One Chart

An analysis from The Washington Post says the proposal could keep Whites in the majority for five more years than previously estimated.


Census Bureau to Ignore Obama-Era Recommendations for Recording Race, Ethnicity

“Accurate, detailed data are an essential tool for ensuring equal opportunity and access to the nation’s institutions and resources for all people, but especially those who have been victims of discrimination historically.”

Mexico Finally Recognizes Afro Mexicans in National Census

Mexico was previously one of the only Latin American countries to not officially count its African-descended population. 

Afro-Mexican Activists Fight for Constitutional Recognition in Mexico

Mexicans of African descent are curently not recognized in Mexico’s national census. 

Laverne Cox Challenges Census to Honor Mission and Count Transgender Americans

Laverne Cox on the Census: “What message are we sending to young people who are trans and gender nonconforming when we don’t even count them?”

Census: There Are Now More Latinos in California Than Whites

Census bureau says Latinos now outnumber whites in California, with 14.99 million people.

Study Finds U.S. Multiracial Population is 3X What Census Counted

New study reveals that the multiracial population is bigger than Census Bureau thought, and that people of white and Native American heritage are 50 percent of that group.

Census Infographic: How 'Slaves' Became 'African-Americans'

What would you have been called a century ago?

Video: Debunking the Myth of Race in 3 Minutes

Think you’ve got it all figured out? You don’t.

Arab-Americans Tell Census, 'We're Not White'

Some Arab-Americans and Hispanics challenge the nation’s decennial count

Latinos Respond to Claims That They're 'Declaring Themselves White'

The hashtag #WhatLatinosLookLike popped up on Twitter this week.

New York City Has Widest Income Gap According to American Community Survey

The newest U.S. Census Bureau data shows poverty rates remain high nationwide, but haven’t increased.

Census Releases New Poverty Stats

Incomes and poverty levels remained steady in 2012, but the number of people with health insurance has increased.

Census: Asians Are the Fastest Growing Racial Group in the U.S.

The Asians are coming.

Pew Study: 65% of Latinos in the U.S. Self-Identify as Being of Mexican Origin

Sixty-five percent of the Nation’s 50.7 million Latinos self-identify as being of Mexican origin.

'Minorities'? It's Not Even Accurate. Try 'People of Color'

“People of color” is now commonly used far beyond political circles, as “minority” fades into the category of things that used to be true. It is past time for the media and the general public to embrace the phrase.

Ya Es Oficial: White Births No Longer a Majority in the U.S.

Latinos continue to be the nation’s fastest growing group with their population increasing by 3.1 percent since 2010.

New York City Becoming Less Dominican, More Mexican, Census Finds

More Dominicans left New York City than arrived since 2000 while the growth of Mexican immigrants nearly bumped them ahead of South Americans into third place among Latinos in NYC, according to Census data analysed by the population division of the NYC Department of City Planning.