Carolina Panthers

Richard Sherman in blue jacket and black pants with black shirt and bowtie, Cam Newton in navy suit with white shirt and light colored bowtie

Richard Sherman, Cam Newton Offer Responses on Police Shooting, Unrest in Charlotte

Two of the NFL’s most famous players—one of whom plays in Charlotte—spoke out on the state of affairs in the city following the death of Keith Lamont Scott.

Cam Newton in white jersey with black and blue lettering next to Colin Kaepernick in red jersey with white lettering

What's Up With Colin Kaepernick and Cam Newton's Expressions in This Pic?

Social media users and sports commentators alike struggled to understand the now-viral pic, with many speculating that the quarterbacks’ expressions embodied an exchange on their seemingly opposite views on racism in America.

Joy Alert! Cam Newton Makes Kids' Dreams Come True in New Nickelodeon Show

“All In with Cam Newton” debuts on June 3. 

ICYMI: Writer Tweets Racist Letter She Received About Cam Newton

“The biggest curse we have in this country is ni**ers.”

Cam Newton Criticized For Walking Out of Post-Super Bowl Press Conference

Add the outrage at Newton’s despondency to the pile of bulls**t that a White player would never have to handle. 

10 Reasons to Watch the Super Bowl This Sunday

Hint: Most of them involve Cam Newton being dope. 

Cam Newton: 'I’m an African-American Quarterback That May Scare a Lot of People'

The Carolina Panthers quarterback dropped hard truths during a recent interview.