Cannes Film Festival

Black man in black beret with white letters and black and white tuxedo holding beige award with grey emblem in front of grey buildings and orange sky; Black woman in gold dress holds gold award in front of dark-lit background behind black microphone

Spike Lee and Janet Jackson Earn Historic Entertainment Awards

The titans received career-defining honors at the Cannes Film Festival and Billboard Music Awards, respectively.

Black man in red blazer and white shirt stands next to black man in black hat with white text and black jacket with red and white stripes in front of dark blue and black stage

Spike Lee and Jordan Peele's 'BlacKkKlansman' Competes for Top Prize at Cannes Film Festival

The adaptation of Ron Stallworth’s story about his infiltration of a Colorado Ku Klux Klan chapter arrives in theaters in August. 

Queen Latifah, Freida Pinto Join New Production Company to Empower Women

The women joined forces for the launch of We Do It Together.