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Romney Doesn't Support DREAM Act, But That's Not What His Spanish Ad Says

Mitt Romney is pulling out all the stops for the Latino vote.

Finally a Rape Prevention Campaign Targeted Towards Men

And it’s multiracial and bilingual, too!

This Season's Worst Racist Political Attack Ad (So Far)

Turn Right USA turned Janice Hahn into a red-eyed devil stripper while black men surround her and say, “Yeah, gimme your cash, bitch.” Seriously.

Asian-American Voter Outreach 101: Don't Do What Dan Adler Did

Yes, he’s a real person seeking actual public office. But you wouldn’t guess it from this ridiculous campaign ad.

Another Midterm Lesson: It's the Money, Stupid

Billions in “independent” spending swung key races, and local “news” helped.

David Vitter Wins the Prize: Most Vile Anti-Immigrant Ad

It’s a crowded field, but advocates seem to think he’s broken out from the pack.