California is Rapidly Extending Public Health Care to Undocumented Immigrants

County officials say that offering preventative services to adult undocumented immigrants will lower costs and improve overall public health.

As Pope Visits, Native Americans Oppose Sainthood for Missionary Junípero Serra

Corrina Gould of Indian People Organizing for Change: “Junípero Serra actually created and brought genocide to the California Indian people.”

Why Did 9 Officers Beat A Black Teen For Jaywalking?

The assault of a Stockton, California, teen was caught on video.

Residents Say California Police Illegally Searched Homes of Poor People of Color

Residents in an apartment complex in Stockton, California say housing inspections are being used to trample on their rights.

California Prisons Can No Longer Lock Offenders in Solitary Confinement for Decades

A settlement has been reached in a class action lawsuit that pit prison officials against 500+ offenders who had been in solitary confinement for more than a decade.

3 Takes on California Ending Police Violence Grand Juries

Secret grand juries are no longer an option for cases of officer-involved killings and excessive force in California—but will it change anything? 

California Bans Grand Juries for Police-Involved Murders

California passes a law that puts the decision to charge officers for killing civilians solely in the hands of prosecutors.

ACLU Sues Fresno County and California for Subpar Public Defense System

ACLU says “Fresno County deputy public defenders are shouldering caseloads that make it impossible for even the most skilled attorneys to provide meaningful and effective representation to their indigent clients.”

Census: There Are Now More Latinos in California Than Whites

Census bureau says Latinos now outnumber whites in California, with 14.99 million people.

Kendrick Lamar Honored By The California State Senate

Lamar was named the 35th District’s ”generational icon.” 

California's Drivers License for the Undocumented Carries Risks

Immigration advocates have celebrated the passage of California’s AB-60, a law that allows undocumented people to apply for drivers licenses. Still, the process can be lengthy, costly, and under rare circumstances, could lead to arrest.

Commission Urges California State Parks to Welcome More People of Color

“The visitors don’t look like California,” USC professor Manuel Pastor says.

Poll: Californians' Support for Affirmative Action on the Rise

Affirmative action may not be political anathema after all.

California Passes Bill Banning Forced Sterilizations of Inmates

Gov. Jerry Brown has until August 31 to sign or veto it, or it goes into effect on its own.

California Bill Could Provide Legal Support for Migrant Children

Children do not have a right to legal representation, and without it, must navigate immigration court alone.

O.C. Sheriff's Department Admits to Violating TRUST Act

Will Samuel Sixtos-Gomez be deported for driving without a license?

Sacramento Airport Bans Billboard Pushing Healthcare for the Undocumented

Healthcare for undocumented immigrants in California is too controversial for the Sacramento Airport to handle.

Vergara Trial Ruling Could Help Educational Equality in the Long Run

Let’s look beyond this week’s landmark ruling for a quick second. How else might this otherwise damaging ruling help the fight for educational equality?

The Bicultural Brilliance of Shizu Saldamando

The California-artist explains the motivation behind her work.

Meet the Artist Behind the Lowrider Rickshaw

He’s part of a new generation of California artist who are exploring Asian-American and Chicano cultural identities.