White sign with red text reading "#FREEJASMINE" and blue text reading "LOCK UP KILLER COPS," people outside Pasadena Courthouse

Black Lives Matter Organizer Sentenced to 90 Days in Jail, 3 Years Probation for 'Lynching'

Supporters protested Richards’ charges and sentence at the Pasadena, California, courthouse today. 

Jasmine Richards in black shirt and black backwards hat, standing by street with green trees and brown and white houses in background, black and white police car in background

Black Lives Matter Organizer Jasmine Richards Convicted of 'Attempted Lynching'

The charge stems from an August incident where Richards and other Pasadena, California, activists tried to remove a Black woman from police custody.

Muslim Student Misidentified as 'Isis' in Yearbook

Bayan Zehlif: “The school reached out to me and had the audacity to say that this was a typo. I beg to differ.”

Anthony Mackie to Portray Johnnie Cochran in Film About Police Violence

The movie will reportedly focus on Cochran’s involvement in a 1981 police butality case in Signal Hill, California.

Afeni Shakur, Black Panther and Tupac's Mother, Dead at 69

The revolutionary was more than just the inspiration behind “Dear Mama.”

WATCH: California Prison Takes on Desegregation in This Doc

You can stream “In An Ideal World” in full for the next 30 days. 

Two Teens Charged With Hate Crime After Threatening Classmate Via Snapchat

“You must die.”

The Latest in a 10-Year Battle Over How California Teaches South Asian History

For more than 10 years, conservative Hindu groups have been trying to make controversial changes to history textbooks in California. Opponents—who say their changes erase the caste system and certain South Asian identities—just won an important victory.

California Close to Instituting $15 Statewide Minimum Wage

If it passes, the proposed plan would require all businesses to pay workers at least $15 an hour by 2023.

This Group Made a Norteño Anthem for Bernie Sanders

“Bernie Sanders is his name, now you’re going to feel his burn,” Grupo La Meta’s Juve Quintana sings on the Spanish-language “El Quemazon.”

Donald Trump's Father Was Arrested at a Ku Klux Klan Riot. Really.

Is that why Trump didn’t initially condemn the Klan endorsement?

Blackalicious Condemns Police Brutality in New Video for 'On Fire Tonight'

The track comes from the duo’s first album in 10 years, “Imani Vol. 1.”

The Most Important Thing We Can Do to Help Formerly Incarcerated People Thrive

Advocacy group Root & Rebound helps the formerly incarcerated navigate the legal barriers to creating a successful life outside prison walls.

Trump Calls for 'Complete Shutdown of Muslims Entering the U.S.'

He cites Muslim “hatred” of Americans as justification.

President Obama on San Bernardino Shooting: 'We Don't Know Why They Did It'

The president’s comments regarding the two Muslim shooters’ motive comes as some attempt to pin the crime on religious fanaticism. 

WATCH: Comedians and Activists Ask California Governor Jerry Brown, 'What The Frack?'

Comedian Kristina Wong: “You don’t sh*t where you eat, and you shouldn’t frack where you drink.”

California High School Students Walk Out of Classes Over Racist Threats

Students at Berkeley High School walked out of classes and led a protest after racist messages were found on their campus. 

California Bans Sports Teams from Using the R-word

Assemblyman Luis Alejo who introduced the measure: “This bill is about respect. Respect for every culture and every person, and Native Americans should not be left out.” 

California Will Now Automatically Register Citizens to Vote

California Secretary of State Alex Padilla: “Citizens should not be required to opt in to their fundamental right to vote. We do not have to opt in to other rights, such as free speech or due process.”

New California Law Designed To Guard Against Racial Profiling

A new California law will require police to report details (including perceived race and gender, as well as the reason for the stop) on every civilian stop.