Harlem's Hue-Man Hopes the Past Is Prologue for Black Booksellers

One of the nation’s most well-known black bookstores is closing its doors. But it’s also trying to write a story that features more than the usual Amazon-killed-us narrative.

Illinois' African Women Entrepreneurs Fight For Their Right to Braid [Video]

A new video shows how Illinois’ professional hair braiders worked with legislators to defeat a racially skewed licensing law.

Latino-Owned Businesses Are Leading the Recovery

The number of Latino-owned businesses with more than $1 million in revenue grew to over 44,000 in 2007, up from just 29,000 five years earlier.

Want an Equitable Economy? Start Building One Based on Abundance

There’s enough wealth to go around, if we create businesses that build shared assets rather than exploit the consumption of many to enrich a few.