Bureau of Prisons

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Detained Asylum-Seekers Say Government Violated Their Religious Freedom

Dozens of asylum-seekers held at a federal prison in Sheridan, Oregon, say authorities are denying them time and space to freely practice their faith.

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House Approves Controversial Prison Reform Measure

But the FIRST STEP Act faces an uphill battle. Criminal justice reform advocates say any meaningful bill must include sentencing reform, and Republicans and Democrats in the Senate agree.

Justice Department to Phase Out Federal Private Prisons

But the policy change will not impact immigration detention centers.

Justice Department to Grant Early Release to 6,000 Inmates

The Justice Department says it will be the nation’s largest one-time discharge of federal inmates.

More Dying Prisoners Could Be Released To End Life

A new report from the Justice Department reveals that federal prison authorities give no serious consideration to releasing dying prisoners even though the releases are legal.

The report recommends expanding the compassionate release program.

How Immigration Reform Could Expand Incarceration of Immigrants

On it’s face, reform would mean fewer immigrants locked up. But House GOP and private prison operators are working to make sure that’s not the case.