Dharun Ravi's Finally Speaks Out, Denies He Caused Suicide

Former Rutgers student Dharun Ravi, who was convicted last week of a hate crime for spying on his gay roommate’s date, will make his first primetime television interview on Friday night.

Dharun Ravi, Tyler Clementi and the Hard Work of Truly Stopping Bullies

If we really want to stop bullying, writes Rinku Sen, we can’t just do it from the back end in criminal courts. We have to affirmatively, proactively expand the rights of LGBT people, immigrants, people of color and women.

Tyler Clementi's Webcam Spying Roommate Convicted of Hate Crime

The former Rutgers student faces a maximum of ten years in prison.

MPAA Says No to Teen Who Delivered 200k Signatures to Change 'Bully' Rating

Katy Butler, a 16-year old from Ann Arbor, Mich., delivered more than 200,000 signatures to the Motion Picture Association of America on Wednesday urging them to change the rating of the documentary “Bully” to PG-13 so more young people can see it.

Report: Bullying Stunts Academic Performance of Kids of Color

Now, advocates and parents search for answers.

White House Launches Anti-Bullying Initiative

Some sadly inactive congressional bills seek to move the conversation from personal responsibility to school policy.

Obama Tells LGBT Youth, "It Gets Better"

LGBT youth advocates tell him to make it so.

How to Put School Bullying in Check

From GSAs to acceptance as curriculum, this problem is solvable.