budget cuts

A Closer Look at What Got Chopped in This Year's Budget

Among the worst examples of things that will do nothing to cut the deficit: a fund for the upkeep public housing.

Six Public Goods That Have Shaped My Life--Or, Why Taxes Are Cool

My mom’s retirement, the subway, books in Washington and more. Chime in with your own examples of why we should all be happy to contribute to the collective good.

CBC Drops Its Own Budget: $5.7 Trillion Deficit Cut Without Gutting Programs

It’s been a tradition every year since 1981, but this year’s budget battle gives the proposal new significance.

Obama's Government Spending Pitch: The Great Society Is Patriotic

Obama says America’s safety net makes it great. But that’s only been true since the 1960s, and the GOP is at the endgame in a decades-long effort to undue it.

The Long Racial History of the Tea Party's Deficit Trojan Horse

The American right has been railing against the size of federal government for centuries. We’d do well to remember why.

Stopgap Budget Deal Cuts More Community Development, Transit

Expect another $38.5 billion in cuts, the details of which are to be announced later this week.

Is Michele Bachmann Shutting Down the Government (To Run It)?

Her tea party caucus is showing just how much heft it plans to throw around in the 2012 elections.

$327 Million for Women's Health Will Shut Down Government, Say Dems

None of that money goes to fund abortion, but it does fund reproductive health for poor women of color.

Obama Can Save Government by Reviving His 2008 Mastery of Values

The president once argued the budget was a values-based document. Now, he’s all about process over purpose.

Breaking Down the GOP Budget Plan to Cut Medicaid and Medicare

Both African Americans and Latinos depend heavily upon the programs for access to health care.

As Budget Battle Climaxes, Civil Rights Groups Tally Potential Damage

Marian Wright Edelman: “This is the most dangerous time for black children since slavery.”

Another Budget Deadline Approaches, Poor People Still Screwed

Congress has until Friday to decide whether to scapegoat struggling families by a lot, or just a little.

What Now? The Next Stage in the Public Sector Unions Fight

Wisconsin has killed collective bargaining, but there and in other states, the battle is still building.

Government Shutdown Delayed, But Budget's Effects Still Uncertain

Nothing that’s currently on the table bodes especially well for the poor and folks of color.

The Budget Line Neither Party's Willing To Defend: Foreign Aid

We’re still putting our money into war, rather than peace and prosperity.

Congressional Black Caucus "Cannot Accept" Obama Budget Cuts

Members say the real deficit trouble is December’s tax cut deal, not vital poverty and development programs.

American Families vs. Washington's Misguided Deficit Hawks

A CBO study provides more proof that social programs help stimulate the economy, not tank it.

War Spending Bill Won't Pay for Teachers' Jobs

The White House has successfully intimidated the Senate into passing the bill without $10 billion for teachers’ jobs and other domestic spending.