budget cuts

The Obama Years, in Two Budget Charts

States have relied largely on the feds to serve their residents and avoid fiscal collapse.

Putting a Human Face on Food Stamps

If they become law, the House’s $40 billion in food stamp cuts could have grave consequences for some of the most vulnerable populations in the U.S.

Bread, Bombs and a 9-Day Clock

The president’s call for a congressional vote on Syria couldn’t come at a worst time for economic justice.

How Bad 3rd Grade Math Legitimizes Injustice

Two months into sequestration, it’s proving a disaster. And the study that justified it still doesn’t add up.

North Carolina Clergy Jailed While Praying for '21st Century George Wallace' Governor

Seventeen arrests were made at a North Carolina protest.

Obama's Budgetary Dance With the Devil

The president’s budget negotiations go from bad to worse.

Obama Needs 'Courage of His Convictions' on Economic Justice, Too

The president officially acquiesced to the GOP’s economic hostage taking this week, again.

Sequestration and the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy to End Equity

A cruel chaos will unfold as billions of dollars in federal spending are chopped, starting today. But that chaos was always the real goal.

What's 'Sequestration' Mean in Real Life?

An explanation of the trillion-dollar budget cuts that are set to begin in a matter of days.

The Simple Truth: You Can't Have Growth and Austerity at Once

We’re two weeks away from yet another crop of austerity measures that make the sorts of ideas laid out in President Obama’s State of the Union simply impossible.

The State of Obama's Presidency

In his annual address to Congress on Tuesday, the president will consider the state of our union. His first assessment must be of himself and his relationship to House Republicans.

What's Really at Stake as We Stare Down the Fiscal Cliff [Infographic]

Fiscal policy can be confusing, all the more so when everyone’s spinning misinformation. So Hatty Lee and Imara Jones offer a visual explanation of this latest debate.

Romney's Budget Idea: Double Down on Inequity, Create a New Recession

At their core, Romney’s priorities assert that the few should have more, and that the rest of us should pay for it.

Medicare and Medicaid Are Not Safe From the Debt Deal Cuts

Both programs are enormously important to health coverage for people of color.

The U.S. Doesn't Have a Debt Problem. It Has a Crisis of Values.

The debt deal is an extension of the grand bargain Washington’s leaders made with Wall Street nearly four years ago: to save the wealthy at the expense of everyone else. The U.S. doesn’t have a debt problem; it has a values problem.

Debt Deal Casualties May Include College Aid for Poor Students

Tea party Republicans were willing to let the debt ceiling deadline pass in order to block Pell Grant funding, which one member has called “welfare of the 21st century.” The student aid program may be among the most vulnerable in the coming round of cuts.

The Tea Party Says, Yes, We Can! (Then Actually Changes Stuff)

The most consequential change to our political landscape in 2008 may not have been Obama’s election, but rather the right’s response to it.

Who's Gonna Care for the Aging Boomers? Poor, Immigrant Women

As the GOP pushes Medicare and Medicaid cuts, advocates urge Congress to make the programs work for three million home-care givers making poverty-wages–and the ballooning number of people who depend upon them.

Is Anyone Fighting For Your Town's Library? [Reader Forum]

As cash-strapped city governments across the country talk library closures, we ask what’s at stake for your community.

Why Aren't We Paying More Attention to the People's Budget?

Observers say a plan crafted by the Congressional People’s Caucus offers a good alternative to those offered by Obama and the GOP.