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Black woman with curly hair in a light blue denim shirt in front of a pink background

How You Can Support Black Women During Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Black women are more likely to die from breast cancer than any other women in the United States.

Black woman with yellow flowers in her hair, a beaded necklace and two mastectomy scars

This Queer Black Cancer Survivor Showed Her Mastectomy Scars at New York Fashion Week

Sex educator Ericka Hart received major applause when she revealed her scars at Cromat’s Fall 2018 show.

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STUDY: Puerto Ricans More Likely to Die From Breast Cancer Than Other U.S.-Based Latinxs

A new study found huge disparities in mortality rates among various groups of Latinx cis women living in the U.S.

Will You Be Cutting Funding to Susan G. Komen? [Reader Forum]

After last week’s news that Susan G. Komen For The Cure is defunding Planned Parenthood, many of our readers say they’re doing their own defunding of Komen.

Anti Choicers Pressure Pink Ribbon Organization to Nix Breast Exams for Poor Women

The nation’s largest and best-funded breast cancer organization in the US., Susan G. Komen for the Cure, will cutoff grants made to Planned Parenthood that were mostly used for breast exams.

Here's How Deadly Breast Cancer is For Women of Color in the U.S.

The National Cancer Institute has begun a new campaign to raise breast cancer awareness among black women.