A Forward Looking Infrared image from the incident location, taken during an overflight on April 14, 2017. Well 2 and the extent of crude misting is visible on the snow within the red-lined area.

UPDATE: Natural Gas Leak Near Alaskan Native Village Stopped

Authorities were able to stop the leak after nearly four days.

The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill at 5

Brentin Mock lays out five possible pathways to healing the Gulf Coast.

'Vanishing Pearls' in Theaters Soon

The documentary tells the story of Louisiana’s black oystermen following the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

BP Agrees to Pay $4 Billion Settlement for Gulf Coast Disaster

They’re really, really sorry. But did they get off too easily?

Here's Where BP is Dumping Its Oil Spill Waste

More than half of the landfills EPA has approved are in communities where a majority of residents are people of color.

BP's Dumping Oil-Spill Waste in Communities of Color, Study Finds

More than half of BP’s sites for disposing of cleaned-up oil and waste are in places where the majority of residents are of color.

If the BP Oil Spill Had Hit Your Hometown

The volume of oil gushing into the Gulf is hard to imagine. An enlightening, if disturbing mapping tool helps you see what 2.5 million gallons a day looks like in your own backyard.

BP Cleanup Worker Health Issues Add Up, And So Do Claims

In Oil Spill, Bayou Tribes Confront Yet Another Invasion

How many invasions can a community take? The Indians of Pointe-au-Chien in Southern Louisiana have endured centuries of colonization and exploitation–under the French, the Americans, and now, the oil industry.

Texas Settlement Could Be Blueprint for Disaster Recovery

ike.jpgWhile the government struggles to confront the mounting catastrophe on the Gulf Coast, a legal settlement in Texas is set to put hundreds of millions in long overdue relief funds into the hands of disaster victims.

Friday Twitter Break: Arizona Just Can't Give Racism A Rest

What is going on? As if the ongoing BP disaster at the Gulf Coast weren’t enough, Arizona decided it couldn’t let the weekend get started without reminding us exactly how small-minded and backwards it can be. The Onion could not make up better headlines than the ones Arizona gives out for free.

Feds Target Oil Spill Workers in Immigration Probe

Federal officials have been targeting BP’s job sites in Louisiana in a hunt for undocumented workers who are risking their lives to clean up the disastrous oil spill.

BP Lawyers-Up as DOJ Announces Criminal Probe

Eric Holder announces that the Department of Justice is opening a criminal probe into BP’s oil spill disaster–and NYT says BP’s got mobs of connected lawyers.

BP Threatens to Fire Workers Who Use Their Own Safety Gear

Workers report being threatened with pink slips if they use safety equipment that doesn’t come from BP. Problem is, BP still hasn’t provided any safety equipment.

It's Official: We're Desperate for a BP Oil Spill Solution

PBS opens the suggestion box. Ideas? A ShamWow towel and Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Photos from the Gulf Coast

A month after the Deepwater oil rig exploded off the coast of Louisiana, oil is still spewing out at a rate of 210,000 gallons or more a day.

Gulf Coast Fishermen Face Maze of Barriers

For the people who live on the coast and make their living on the water in the fishing industry, the recovery period is only just beginning.

BP Exploits Jobless Fishermen

After being pressured in court, BP was forced to retract large portions of an agreement

the company forced cleanup volunteers to sign. The agreement would have let the company off the hook if workers were injured.