Hey Arizona, Looks Like Boycotts Are Bad for Business!

The state’s tourism agency warns that SB 1070 protests could impact the economy for years.

LAPD Wants To Break City's Arizona Boycott

The cops’ request is the most significant test yet to the municipal boycotts that have popped up nationwide–and the boycott isn’t likely to hold.

Buy Chips And Beer Elsewhere: 4 Companies to Avoid

Arizona boycott organizers are going to start targeting specific companies whose owners have “contributed to hate in Arizona.”

How to Make a Boycott Matter

The outrage over Arizona has provoked a growing number of efforts to make the state pay. But will it? We consider the landscape of boycotts past and present.

Find The May Day Rally In Your Town

The last eight days have galvanized the immigrant rights movement, and there are hundreds of rallies planned all over the country tomorrow. Advocates, attorneys, and lawmakers are asking that supporters of immigrant rights and immigration reform get out tomorrow to demand action at the federal level and denounce Arizona’s recent SB 1070. The resounding call is statement of solidarity with the immigrant community there: “We are all Arizona.” Todos somos Arizona.

How Do You Boycott Arizona?

It’s one thing to tweet “boycott arizona” and another to make it happen. For those of you who want to make it happen: Don’t book a flight on U.S. Airways, get a domain name through Go Daddy or rent a U-Haul truck.