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Ronald D. Vitiello, nominee to be assistant Homeland Security secretary for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, testifies at a hearing held by the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee in Washington, DC on November 15, 2018.

Acting Head of ICE Denies Family Separation Policy

Ronald Vitiello, the Trump administration’s nominee to lead Immigration and Customs Enforcement, also refused to rule out the possibility that it could happen again.

People standing in Mexico reach through and hug the wall at the conclusion of the Hugs Not Walls event on the U.S.-Mexico border in Sunland Park, New Mexico on October 13, 2018.

Trump Signs Immigration Proclamation to Limit Asylum Claims

The president says asylum seekers must arrive via official ports of entry and ”have merit” to be accepted into the United States.

A border patrol agent at the foreground, only shown are a gun hoisted at his pants and his right hand wearing a blue rubber glove. An immigrant man kneels down at an immigrant child. A border patrol car is to their right.

ICE To Transfer 1,600+ Detained Immigrants to Federal Prisons

Many of the immigrants are Central Americans fleeing from gang and sexual violence.

Prototypes Of President Trump's Proposed Border Wall

Proposed Spending Bill Limits Border Wall Funding, Rejects Additional ICE Agents

But it doesn’t do anything for the “Dreamers.”

ICYMI: These Photos of Families Hugging Across the Border Are Guaranteed to Make You Cry

On Sunday, a project called “Opening the Door of Hope” allowed five families separated across the U.S.-Mexico border by immigration policy to be reunited for just three minutes.

Border Patrol Agent Indicted in Shooting Death of 16-Year-Old Boy

Border Patrol agent Lonnie Swartz shot Jose Antonio Elena Rodriguez through the border fence. He was walking home from playing basketball with his friends.

Border Patrol Officers Test Out Body-Mounted Cameras

As an accountability mechanism.

Obama to Use Executive Action to Increase Border Enforcement

The president once again blamed Republicans for not passing comprehensive immigration reform.

ACLU Calls for Investigation of 'Roving' Border Patrols

Following a settlement over ‘roving’ border patrols in Washington state, the ACLU is turning its attention to similar circumstances in Arizona.

Confrontation With Arizona Border Patrol Turns Violent

Arizona police used pepper spray and rubber bullets against demonstrators who attempted to stop Border Patrol from taking two immigrants into custody.

Gunmen Ambush and Kill Two Immigrants in Arizona

Two people were killed on Sunday night by “an unknown number of subjects in camouflage clothing armed with rifles” that ambushed a truck carrying undocumented immigrants near the U.S.- Mexico border.

Mexican Migration to the United States Has Hit a Net Zero

Mexican migrant apprehensions at the border hit their lowest levels in seventeen years.

ICE Slows Routine Searches of Buses, Trains, Airports Along Northern Border

Advocates hope the change will lead to less racial profiling along the border.

Report: Widespread Border Patrol Abuse Goes Unchecked

Humanitarian aid organization No More Deaths issued a new report that details a startling level of abuse toward migrants.

Rick Perry Trumpets Border Violence Lie While Agents Admit They're Bored

“The taxpayers are paying us all this extra money to do nothing,” said one agent.

Parents of Slain Mexican Boy Sue Border Patrol

Sergio Adrian Hernandez Huereca’s parents accuse officers of brutality.

Border Patrol Agent Killed Along Southern Arizona Border

And of course, Gov. Jan Brewer’s calling for stronger enforcement.