Senate's Border 'Surge' Plays Political Games With Border Lives

The Gang of Eight has agreed to a massive new border build up to buy Republican support for the bill.

But those living and working on the border say that investment will lead to more people perishing in the desert, not a safer country.

Thousands of Migrant Kids Trapped Inside the World's Border Politics

Displaced war and poverty, fleeing abuse and violence, or just trying to find their parents, youth who get ensnared at U.S. and European border crossings often face bleak conditions, say human rights monitors.

Javier Sicilia's Poetry in Motion Against the U.S.-Mexico Drug Wars

After losing his son to drug violence, a renowned Mexican artist set out on a cross-country trek to dramatize the death that our failed, militaristic response to narcotics has spawned.

The Casual Violence That Dehumanizing Language Breeds

José Gutiérrez Guzmån is the most recent person to suffer out-of-scale violence from border agents, but he won’t be the last if we continue robbing migrants of their humanity.

Jose Gutierrez Guzman Granted Temporary Stay in U.S., Still in Coma

The married father of two was tased into a coma by border patrol agents in Arizona.

Second Anti-Immigrant Vigilante Gets Death Sentence in Arizona

The gang executed an entire family in search of drugs and money to finance its border vigilantism.

Wars on the U.S.-Mexico Border Divide and Conquer

U.S. drug and trade policies still do more to create instability than fight it.

Obama Administration Brags About Record Year of Deportations

DHS calls system “thoughtful.” Indiscriminate and out-of-control are more apt adjectives.

Dispatch from Juarez: Fear and Happiness at War

A family describes its search for peace as tens of thousands die in a brutal drug war fed by corruption, and the U.S. black market.

Dispatch from Juarez: Snapshots of Peace, on the Society Pages

Amid raging violence, families and friends still find joy.

Mexico's Birthday Blues: U.S. Border Security

This summer, President Obama deployed 1,200 National Guard to patrol the border.

As Border Patrol Expands, So Do Reports of Misconduct

Agents have been accused of rape, assault, and harassment.

Obama's Big Blunders On Immigration

When it comes to reform, it’s been a long year of empty promises.

Congress Spends Another $600 Million for Border Militarization

What gridlock? Some bills can in fact pass quickly through both chambers.

Senate OK's $600 Million for Still More Border Security

The new bill supports extra border patrol agents and aerial drones.

1,200 National Guard, Coming to a Border Town Near You

A breakdown of where they’ll go. One guess which state gets the most.

Bloggers Demand MAC & Rodarte Donate Profit from Juarez Makeup

Update 8:54pm ET: MAC has announced that it will be changing the names of some of the products in their Juarez-inspired collaboration with Rodarte. No details on which product names will be changed–but we’ll venture a guess and say that the “Juarez” and “Factory” shades of nail polish will be the first to go. Temptalia has a full product list of the cosmetics line, set to hit stores September 2010.

California Sends More National Guard to the Border

White House border beef-up continues, but still no word on immigration reform.

MAC, Rodarte Say Sorry for Juarez-Inspired Makeup

Rodarte and MAC team up on border-town shades such as “factory,” “Ghost town” and “quinceanera.”