Amy Chua's Tiger Cub Has a Blog, and It's Funny

Sophia Chua-Rubenfeld is speaking for herself these days.

The Complexities of Sex Trafficking, and Some Simple Solutions

Rachel Lloyd’s new book “Girls Like Us” offers a gripping window into an often overwhelming topic, and guides the way to structural reforms.

A Note on Whitewashing, and Honest Storytelling

A 2004 essay by science fiction legend Ursula K. Le Guin is required reading for this discussion.

An (Immortal) Women's History Month Reading List

I love books, and here are three of my favorites for March reading.

Oprah's Book Club Hasn't Included Female Authors Since 2004

Oprah’s Book Club hasn’t read a woman novelist since 2004 and only three authors of color in the last decade.

Isabel Wilkerson Talks About Generations of Black Immigrants

The Pulitzer Prize-winning author discusses her definitive new study of the Great Migration with ColorLines.

Fall Reading List: From Border Kids to the Great Migration

NPR’s Michele Norris mines her past, a historian brings black migration to life, a kid finds his deported mom, plus Edwidge Danticat, Charlie Chan and more.