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Performing Blackness Won't Fill Our Asian-American Culture Deficit [OP-ED]

The fight for media representation has become one of the most prominent rallying cries among Asian Americans. But if we wish to subvert White hegemony, we must step away from the imitation of Whiteness’ exploitation of Blackness.

President Obama to Howard University Graduates: 'Be Confident in Your Blackness'

The president touched on historical progress, contemporary struggles, Prince and his daughters in his keynote address at Howard University’s commencement ceremony this weekend.  

BuzzFeed Apologizes For '27 Questions Black People Have For Black People' Video

But the company failed to remove the video from the site. Critics are not pleased.

10 Reasons to Watch the Super Bowl This Sunday

Hint: Most of them involve Cam Newton being dope. 

This Artist Uses Ballpoint Pens to Illustrate the Complexity of Blackness

Toyin Ojih Odutola’s new must-see exhibit explores and distorts the concept of identity.

WATCH: Nina Simone Talks Revolution and Black Pride in Never Released Interview

Nina Simone: “It’s a good time for Black people to be alive. It’s a lot of hell and a lot of violence. But I feel more alive now than I ever have in my life.”