black students

Report: Virginia Sends More Students to Cops Than Any Other State

And it’s far from the only state with stark racial disparities in school discipline rates.

In Oakland, School Program Focuses on Black Boys' Success

A new report evaluates a class and mentoring program just for black boys in Oakland.

After Twitter Debate, Univ. of Michigan Details New Plan to Increase Black Enrollment

It all began on Twitter.

Live Chat: Dear White People and Black Student Activists Talk Race on College Campuses

Black students have spoken up all over social media about campus racism. Today we’re gathering together to chat about it together.

The Racist Things You've Been Saying in Class? Harvard's Black Students Heard You

And in a new social media campaign called “I Too Am Harvard,” they’re talking back.

Racial Harassment Picks Up After Video About Being Black at UCLA Law School

UCLA Law School Dean admits the campus has “racial issues.”

When a Hashtag Sparks More Than Dialogue

Black students at University of Michigan kicked off a social media conversation last fall which has morphed into a campaign to win concrete changes on campus.

Black Students Most Underrepresented Among AP Test Takers

In only two states is there parity between the percentage of black students graduating from high school and those taking AP exams.

What's It Take to Get a Black Boy to College?

A new documentary follows two black boys from kindergarten through high school as they navigate an elite New York City private school.

Writer Who Was Fired for Bashing Black Studies Continues, Slams "Academic Mob"

The former Chronicle of Higher Education blogger continues to take stabs at black studies and has an even bigger platform now. Most recently she said “black studies is a cause, not a course of study.”

Black Students in L.A. Suspended at Higher Than Average Rates

African American students in Los Angeles are being suspended at a proportionally higher rate than in the nation’s other largest school systems.