black men

Bond Villain Yaphet Kotto Says a Black Bond Would Be 'Silly'

Does the big- and small-screen veteran want black actors to stay in their place?

The Art of Masculinity

In two new shows, the artists Kehinde Wiley and Alex Donis lift up–and sometimes subvert–ideas of black and brown manhood.

Mayor Wants 'Outright' Ban on Police Using Mug Shots for Target Practice

After a woman finds shot up mug shots of her brother and other black men at a shooting range.

A Community of Black Dads [VIDEO]

Father Mathis’ life story highlights the centuries-long tradition of communal parenting in black families. It’s one of many cultural tools that are ignored in the handwringing over a crisis of black fatherhood.

Investigating the Dearth of Black Males Among Science and Math Ph.Ds

Getting to the root of a longstanding problem.

A Concise History of U.S. Divestment in Black Men [VIDEO]

Economic justice columnist Imara Jones and graphic artist Tatiana Lam explain how black men have been excluded from generations worth of economic opportunity initiatives.

Turmoil in St. Louis After Police Kill Vonderrit Meyers Jr. 18

Scenes from yet another St. Louis police shooting of a young black man.

Obama on Ferguson: 'No Excuse for Police to Use Excessive Force'

“I know emotions are raw right now,” Obama said.

Michael Brown's Death Didn't Happen in a Vacuum

Members of Ferguson, Missouri’s black community have been under siege for years.

Study: Black Men No Better, Sometimes Worse Off Than in 1960s

Thanks to the prison boom.

In South Carolina, an Effort to Encourage Black Men Into Teaching

Less than 2 percent of the nation’s teaching force are black men, and it’s having serious consequences in the classroom.

Infographic: From Disability to Criminality

The dangerous intersection at which too many black children are diverted from school to jail.

Life Cycles of Inequity: A Colorlines Series on Black Men

A monthly series exploring the ways in which injustice impacts every stage of black male life.

Obama Launches My Brother's Keeper Initiative for Young Men of Color

It’s part of Obama’s self-proclaimed “year of action.”

Study: In Black Men, Internalized Racism Speeds Up Aging

A new study in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine finds that taking in racism can wear away at white blood cells.

Kiese Laymon on Trayvon, Black Manhood and Love

Author Kiese Laymon reflects on the killing of Trayvon Martin, black manhood and the prospect of real black love.

'Bet on Black' Challenges Stereotypes of Black Fatherhood

A new anthology of personal essays seeks to expand dialogue about African-American fatherhood

There's a Morning-After HIV Pill That Many People Don't Know About

And that’s largely because there hasn’t been much publicity around it.

An Artist's Rare, Intimate Conversation About Black Masculinity

A new video installation paints an intimate and engaging portrait of black masculinity by doing something a little revolutionary: asking questions. Artist Chris Johnson talks about the project’s past and present, and what it hopes to build for the future.

Why Discussing Black Male Feminism is Necessary

Two important essays by black men on their path toward feminism give pause to the Web.