Black Lives Matter Minneapolis


Police Shooting of Justine 'Damond' Ruszczyk Exposes a Vicious Double Standard [OPINION]

Black Lives Matter Minneapolis organizer Miski Noor argues that the White victim of police violence was afforded a benefit of the doubt that is withheld from Black, Latino, Indigenous and other marginalized people who are disproportionately the targets of state sanctioned violence.

Man Who Shot Black Lives Matter Protestors Found Guilty

Allen “Lance” Scarsella could be sentenced to up to 20 years in prison.

No Indictment for Officers Who Killed Jamar Clark

Black Lives Matter and other activists prepare for protests.

This City Just Banned Grand Juries for Police-Involved Deaths

Black Lives Matter activists successfully pushed a county prosecutor to forgo the much criticized grand jury process in the quest for #Justice4Jamar.

Charges Filed in Shooting of Black Lives Matter Activists, Group Says They Don't Fit Crime

Four men have been charged with rioting and assault following a shooting that wounded five people protesting with Black Lives Matter—Minneapolis.

Minneapolis Protestors Occupy Police Precinct, Shut Down Highway After Police Kill Jamar Clark

Hundreds of protestors are demanding #Justice4Jamar, the unarmed black man a Minneapolis police officer fatally shot on Sunday.