black history

#TBT: 'Granny Midwives' of the South

A look at the little-discussed but crucial league of black healthcare providers known as “granny midwives” who delivered poor and rural women’s babies in the South way before doctors and hospitals became the norm.

From Selma to the Roberts Court: Reflections on Voting Rights History

Diane Nash, Dorie Ladner and others who led and joined the March 1965 demonstrations that created the Voting Rights Act speak with Colorlines about their work then–and now.

Hollywood's Slavery Films Tell Us More About the Present Than the Past

“Django Unchained” and “Lincoln” share a long history of Hollywood epics that feed our modern myths and expectations back to us, rather than genuinely explore our history.

Writer Who Was Fired for Bashing Black Studies Continues, Slams "Academic Mob"

The former Chronicle of Higher Education blogger continues to take stabs at black studies and has an even bigger platform now. Most recently she said “black studies is a cause, not a course of study.”

End Black History Month? Q&A with Filmmaker Shukree Hassan Tilghman

In a new PBS documentary, a young black filmmaker decides Black History Month has outlasted its purpose, and tries to be proven wrong.

Guy In Blackface Asks Brigham Young Students About Black History Month [Video]

Dave Ackerman, 31, a comedian based in Utah dresses up in blackface and goes to the Brigham Young campus to ask questions about black historical figures.

'Little Known Black History Facts' Talks Outside the Family. So What?

“It’s not in my job description as a black woman to never laugh about my history,” says Tracy Clayton, the humorist behind the Tumblr.