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Donald Trump: A White man in a blue suit and red tie grimaces and gesticulates behind a podium that says "Trump".

Can Trump Really End Birthright Citizenship?

Not directly. But it’s more complicated than you think, writes Princeton law professor Imani Perry. 

Texas Can Still Deny Birth Certificates to Children of Immigrants

A judge says Texas doesn’t have to issue birth certificates for the U.S.-born children of undocumented immigrants—yet.

Conservative Latino Group Denounces GOP Presidential Candidates’ Immigration Views

The Koch Brothers-funded organization will not support immigration policy proposals that eliminate birthright citizenship or involve mass deportation.

Russell Pearce: 'You Are Not a Citizen of the United States'

The self-proclaimed ‘John Wayne of the Legislature’ takes to tentherism to usurp the federal government’s power.

Arizona May Finally Be Ready to "Take a Time Out" on Immigrant Bashing

Senate rejects Russell Pearce’s birthright citizenship ban, as CEOs tell legislature to move on from immigration enforcement.

Drop the I-Word: I Am...a Mother

Rosario Lopez worries about her kids’ vulnerability today, but knows they will power tomorrow’s movement for justice.

Drop the I-Word: Debunking the Racist "Anchor Baby" Myth

The facts show it’s a lie, and like all dehumanizing speech about immigrants it’s a deliberate a distraction.

Birthright Citizenship Fight--From Ariz. to the Supreme Court?

Rep. John Kavanagh says plainly, “We won’t give citizenship like a door prize.”

Protesters Don't Let 14th Amendment Rollback Happen Quietly

One of what’s sure to be the biggest immigration battles of the year is heating up.

Hostile State Battles Now Define Immigration Debate

Never mind Capitol Hill. The future of immigration in America may well be decided at the state and local level.

Lawmakers in 14 States Coordinate Birthright Citizenship Attack

The right’s promised battle over the 14th Amendment has officially begun.

Efforts to Revoke Birthright Citizenship Move to State Level

The right’s angling to force a Supreme Court case rewriting the 14th Amendment.

The Other Side of the Anchor: Where Else Do American-born Kids Belong?

We accept the term “naturalization” for new citizens. What could be more natural than being accepted in the only home you’ve ever known?

The Right's Long, Racist History of Calling Moms Criminals

The GOP’s birthright citizenship drama isn’t the first in which women of color have been cast as criminal breeders.

Here's How Arizona May Target Children of Immigrants

Arizona state Sen. Russell Pearce confirmed his next legislative target: kids. And he’s busy charting his way around the 14th amendment.