Study: Gender Impacts Racial Identity for Biracial People

The study also found that religion and socioeconomic status also matter.

Judge Tosses Case of White Women Who Sued Over Black Donor Sperm

The judge ruled that the woman’s claims of wrongful birth and breach of warranty have no legal merit.

Al Madrigal Takes on His Biracial Identity in 'Half Like Me'

The special premieres this week on Fusion.

Cheerios' Biracial Family Ad Becomes Their Most Viewed on YouTube

The Cheerios commercial starring a white mother, a black father and their biracial daughter is the most popular ad on the cereal’s YouTube channel. The spot began airing on national television last Monday and was uploaded to YouTube on Wednesday.

'Is She Yours?': Mixed-Race Families in the Eyes of Others

Multiracial families often evoke strange looks of bewilderment from strangers, followed by the awkward question, “Is she yours?” Or the even more vexing, “Are you looking for more work?”