Bill Bratton

man holds white sign with red text next to man in black t-shirt with white and red text, trees in background

NYPD's Top Cop Resigns Following Massive Protest

William “Bill” Bratton implemented the NYPD’s controversial “broken windows” and CompStat policing policies.

Ramarley Graham's Family, Activists Demand Accountability With #23Days4Ramarley Campaign

The actions, which started with a protest at New York’s City Hall on April 12, are one part of an ongoing campaign to seek justice for Graham’s death at the hands of an NYPD officer. 

Activists Ticket White Residents to Highlight How Police Target People of Color

More than 80 percent of those ticketed for minor infractions like jaywalking in New York City are black or Latino.

Twins? NYPD Used Photo of Australian Designer for James Blake Arrest, Not Alleged Identity Thief

New evidence presented by journalist Shaun King adds to the increasingly controversial portrait of tennis star James Blake’s treatment at the hands of the NYPD.

The Ugly Idea That Killed Eric Garner

Whatever happens to Office Pantaleo, justice will come only when broken windows policing is finally indicted and convicted.