Drake Leads BET Awards Pack With Nine Nominations

The ceremony will air on June 26, complete with a tribute to Prince.

ICYMI: WATCH Andra Day 'Rise Up' With Powerful 'Black Girls Rock!' Performance

Day performed for the 10th anniversary celebration of youth empowerment non-profit “Black Girls Rock!,” which honored Shonda Rimes and Amandla Stenberg, among others. 

Gabrielle Union Asks #WhoIsStaceyDash, Internet Goes In

The hashtag arose after Union expertly addressed Dash’s criticism of Black History Month and BET

Cicely Tyson Shares Gems at 'Black Girls Rock Award Ceremony

The legendary actress is here for another generation of women.

[Video] ICYMI: President Obama's BET Interview on Race, Policing and National Protests

“I’ll leave it to people to speculate on what I’m saying to myself or Michelle when we’re alone at night,” President Obama tells BET’s Jeff Johnson.

B. Scott Files $2.5 Million Suit Against BET for Gender Discrimination

The television personality says that there’s no excuse for the network’s behavior earlier this summer.

Jamie Foxx Wears Trayvon Martin T-Shirt to BET Awards for Second Straight Year

The actor opted to make another silent statement.

NFL Sports Drama 'The Last Fall' to Premiere on BET

“The Last Fall” is a coming of age sports drama that illustrates the difficulties many young NFL players face when their professional football careers are over at 25.

Janelle Monáe On Being a Former Maid and Why She Still Wears a Uniform

The singer-songwriter delivered the most moving speech of the evening at the BLACK GIRLS ROCK! 2012 awards ceremony.

BET Co-Founder Says Network Reinforces Negative Stereotypes

The co-founder says the network’s current content reinforces negative stereotypes of blacks in the U.S.

Whitney Houston, Donna Summer, Rodney King and Trayvon Martin Remembered at BET Awards

Kanye West, Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé

were all present at the BET Awards ceremony Sunday but the highlight of the show everyone is talking about today came from Cissy Houston.

Jamie Foxx Wears Trayvon Martin T-Shirt to BET Awards

While most male celebrities walked the BET red carpet in suits, Jamie Foxx wore a t-shirt with a special message.

Kanye West, Beyonce Lead BET Awards Nominations

The nominees for the 2012 BET Awards were announced Tuesday and leading the way with seven nominations is Kanye West.

BET Launching New Daily Show-Style Satire Starring Former CNN Anchor T.J. Holmes

Former CNN weekend anchor T.J. Holmes will host a late night comedic news show on BET later this year.

Chris Brown Wins Five BET Awards

The singer thanks his fans in the latest chapter of his comeback kid narrative. But has he gotten the help he needs?

50 Cent's New Pocketbook Values: Anti-Gay Won't Pay, Even for Hip Hop

Iconic DJ Mister Cee’s arrest for allegedly having commercial sex with a transgender woman is stirring an unexpected conversation in the hip-hop industry.

BET Paying Black Actors Less Than White Actors

If BET doesn’t pay black actors fairly, who will?

BET Tackles Women in Hip-Hop, And We're Not Cringing

From craft to technique, the station’s new documentary’s asking old questions to a new audience.

Readers Debate Chris Brown's BET Comeback

If singer Chris Brown had beat up Black Entertainment Television (BET) president Debra Lee’s daughter, would she let him on her awards show?

Chris Brown's Fake Tears? He Had No Business on BET Either Way

Debate’s stirring over whether Chris Brown’s breakdown on the BET Awards show was real or marketing. The real question is why he was there in the first place.