Beyoncé is the Whitest She's Ever Been in New Album Promo

The new promo ad released by Beyoncé Knowles’ camp to promote the 2011 album “4,” finds Beyoncé with blonde hair, bleached eyebrows and the lightest skin we’ve ever seen on her.

Pictures of Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer in W's Best Performance Issue

Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer made in to W Magazine’s best performance issue that highlights twenty of “this years brightest stars.”

Ebony Magazine Launches Tumblr With Vintage Covers and Ads

The monthly magazine targeting the African-American market first launched in 1945.

Fashion's New Asian Supermodel Fad Driven by Dollars

As China becomes a driving global economic force, the fashion industry is trying to target its consumer base.

Tyra Banks Talks About New Best-Selling Dystopian Fantasy Novel for Teens

And claims to have lost her hair in the process of writing it.

Rihanna Goes White and Blonde On New Vogue UK Cover

The new look is all too common for darker skinned women who end up on the covers of magazines.

Nivea Apologizes for Ad Telling Black Men to 'Re-civilize' Themselves

The company’s “Re-civilize yourself” campaign rightfully struck a chord.

Students Push to Get Satoshi Kanazawa Fired in London

Meanwhile, angry Psychology Today readers are moving to have the evolutionary psychologist dropped for his racist research.

The Pseudoscience of "Black Women Are Less Attractive"

A London School of Economics psychology professor creates bar graphs to show how

black women are uglier than women of other races. Psychology Today publishes it. Sigh.

Beyonce Sports Blackface To Honor Fela Kuti

Just when we thought she couldn’t get any lighter, the singer takes a turn in the opposite direction.

ELLE Cover Lightens The Most Beautiful Woman in the World

ELLE is at it again, this time they’ve lightened the most beautiful woman in the world.