Former BART Cop Johannes Mehserle Goes Back to Court in Civil Case

The plaintiff claims that Mehserle assaulted him just weeks before the infamous shooting of Oscar Grant in Oakland.

Does White Make Right? Racism and Gay-Shaming Drown BART Protests

BART police have a plainly terrible record on shootings and accountability. So how did these protests become all about “Uncle Tom” caricatures, naked party pics and screwing up workers’ commutes?

Protestors Interrupt San Francisco Bay Area Transit System (BART) Service

Transit agency had to temporarily close all four downtown stations during the evening commute, but not before cutting cell phone service to people protesting the police shooting of Charles Hill.

Protesters Disrupt Train Service, Ridicule BART Rep

Commuters were held up during a protest against fatal shootings by BART police at Civic Center Station in San Francisco.

Witness Account of BART Police Shooting Prompts More Questions

Those who saw the shooting say that transit cops should “absolutely not” have shot and killed Charles Blair Hill.

BART Officers Kill Man at San Francisco Train Station

The department must now explain as much as possible to a public already wary of the officers in the wake of Oscar Grant.

It Cost BART $6 Million to Kill Oscar Grant

It might be legally defensible for police to kill innocent people, but it sure is expensive.