Baltimore County Police Department

No Charges for Cop Who Killed Korryn Gaines

The NAACP Legal Defense Fund has requested an independent review of the Baltimore County Police Department.

Black and white photograph of a Black woman and a boy in a car

Korryn Gaines' Family to Sue Baltimore County for Wrongful Death

Attorney Jimmy A. Bell: “Apparently, police didn’t feel like waiting it out any longer. Their inconvenience was worth more than her life.”

In Defense of Korryn Gaines, Black Women and Children [Opinion]

America’s investment in policing and prisons prevents our ability to create systems of safety and protection for Black families. Given this, we must question the means Black parents have to protect their children. 

A smiling Black woman with two young children

World Reacts to Korryn Gaines' Death at Hands of Police

Twitter user @Delo_Taylor: “‘She shouldn’t have put her child in that situation.’ What situation? They were in their own home where they should’ve been.”