Bakari Kitwana

A spray painted mural on a brick wall depicts Freddie Gray

Baltimore Funding Model Challenges 'Nonprofit Industrial Complex' Practices

With the Freddie Gray uprising as a catalyst, Baltimore residents voted in the $12 million Children & Youth Fund. Here’s how local activists in this majority Black city ensured that young, people-of-color-led, grassroots groups had a seat at the table. 

Chance the Rapper in blue sweater and blue jeans, wearing black baseball cap with white "3" on the front, sitting on red chair with projection screen and brown and black pattern behind him

WATCH: Chance The Rapper Speaks Truth on Art, Activism and the Music Industry

The “Coloring Book” rapper sat with writer Bakari Kitwana for an hour-long conversation at The University of Chicago’s Institute of Politics.

Hip-Hop Activists Speak Out on Afrika Bambaataa Allegations Via Petition

“As a community we need to facilitate a process for those who are victims/survivors of abuse to help them heal and be made whole again.”