Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks Calls Out Action Bronson Amidst Ghostface Killah Beef

The inflammatory singer/rapper is back in the news with comments on Action Bronson’s beef with Ghostface Killah. 

Azealia Banks' Pride and Prejudice

Azealia talks to Playboy about race, reparations, talking proper–and using slurs.

Azealia Banks Better Never Come For Erykah Badu's Queendom Again

Yet another example of her keeping it all the way one hunnid.

Azealia Banks Tries, and Fails, to Defend Her Use of a Gay Slur

So over it.

J. Cole, Azealia Banks Call Out White Appropriation of Black Music

“Black culture is cool, but black issues sure aren’t, huh?”

Azealia Banks' Debut LP 'Broke With Expensive Taste' Climbs U.S. iTunes Chart

It’s finally here!

Azealia Banks Sings Label Woes on New Track 'Chasing Time'

Looks like her self-described “black girl craft” is as strong as ever.

Azealia Banks Quotes 'The Color Purple' After Being Dropped From Label

Let’s hope that she’ll finally be able to let her music do the talking.

Angel Haze, Azealia Banks Fed Up With an Industry That Preys on Black Talent

They’re speaking out because they know you’re listening.

M.I.A. Teams Up With Missy Elliott and Azealia Banks for 'Bad Girls' Remix [Audio]

For her latest remix of “Bad Girls,” M.I.A. features

game-changing femcee Missy Elliott and rising raptress Azealia Banks.

Azealia Banks Performs at Karl Lagerfeld's House in Paris [Video]

Karl Lagerfeld, creative director for the fashion house Chanel, invited Azealia Banks to play at his house!

Artists to Watch: Azealia Banks and Light Asylum

This week’s edition of artists to watch includes two musicians from New York.