Activists Petition South Carolina to #DropTheCharges for Spring Valley Students

The two girls involved in the #AssaultAtSpringValleyHigh are facing charges of disturbing schools and assault on an officer.

The Criminalization of Black Girls—and How We Can End It

Advancement Project’s Thena Robinson-Mock: “We find that for officers in school settings—particularly where there are predominantly black and brown students—their role is less on the protect and serve side, and more on the profiling and policing side.”

No. The Victim of the #AssaultAtSpringValley is Not an 'Orphan'

Over the past couple of days, news and social media have reported that the black girl that now-fired Spring Valley High School resource officer Ben Fields attacked on Monday had just lost her mother and grandmother. Her attorney says that’s 100 percent false.

#AssaultAtSpringValley Officer Fired

Sheriff Leon Lott: “He should not have thrown that student.”

What You Need to Know About the #AssaultAtSpringValley Sheriff's Press Conference

From Sheriff Lott’s claim that Fields has “been dating an African-American female for quite some time now” to his condemnation of the state’s “disturbing schools” law, here are the key takeaways from his press conference.

Justice Department, FBI Are Now Investigating #AssaultAtSpringValley

The FBI and Justice Department will investigate whether Richland County, South Carolina, police officer Ben Fields violated a student’s civil rights when he violently arrested her in her classroom.

Sheriff Asks FBI and Justice Department to Investigate #AssaultAtSpringValley

A white police officer was caught on tape assaulting (yet another) black teenage girl, this time in a South Carolina classroom. What’s next?