Attorney General Jeff Sessions orders immigration courts to stop granting asylum to victims of domestic violence and gang violence.

'Blood is on Your Hands': Attorney General Curbs Asylum for Immigrant Victims of Violence

Jeff Sessions issues directive to end asylum grants for victims of domestic violence and gang persecution, a decision expected to affect tens of thousands.


'The Waiting Game' Explores the United States' Labyrinthine Asylum Process

A new multimedia “newsgame” from ProPublica and WNYC lets readers experience the arduous journey of applying for refugee status in the United States.

Flag with blue and white stripes, red triangle and white star flies at half staff with blue sky, green and brown palm trees and brown-gray building in the background

President Obama Ends 'Wet Foot, Dry Foot' Policy for Cuban Immigrants

The decades-old policy allowed most Cuban immigrants to remain in the U.S., regardless of how they entered the country.

Canada Denies Asylum to African-American Man Fearing Police Violence

Kyle Lydell Canty, who cited Eric Garner and Mike Brown in his application for refugee status, is now back in the United States. 

Fearing Police Violence, Black Man Seeks Asylum in Canada

Kyle Lydell Canty cited the officer-involved killings of Mike Brown and Eric Garner in his Canadian Immigration and Refugee Board hearing last week. 

Why Mothers Are on Strike at Karnes Immigrant Detention Center

“We want our FREEDOM,” they’ve written in a letter obtained by Colorlines

The Dream 9, One Year Later

We check in with three of the nine people who made headlines when they reentered the U.S. to ask for asylum.

Asylum Seekers Demand Release from El Paso Detention

Even after establishing credible fear, detainees remain in custody.

Watch DREAMers Come Back Home

Two live streams are airing both sides of another historic border crossing.

Immigrants Begin Protest Inside El Paso Detention Center

Up to 40 asylum seekers at the El Paso Processing Center are demanding their release.

Meet a 16-Year-Old Coming Home with the Dream 30

Have dreams. Will travel.

The Dream 9 Come Home

The nine transnational activists were released from detention, and are all headed back to their communities in the US.

Seven of the Dream 9 Establish Credible Fear for Asylum

Supporters are pleased, but still working to release the activists from detention.