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Iranian-American women and men and other Brown individuals hold green and red and white former Iranian flag with gold lion and green protest signs in front of blue sky and grey building.

READ: The Evolution of Iranian-American Identity

The Associated Press explores America’s thriving Iranian communities 40 years removed from the 1979 revolution.

Marlin Briscoe. Black-and-white image of a Black man with black afro and beard in jersey with white numeral "86" on front, in front of grass

Pro Football's First Black Starting QB On Sports Racism Then and Now

Hall of Famer Marlin Briscoe: “Today, you thought that all those attitudes were nonexistent or filtered away to some degree, but with the Trump-isms, his philosophy has brought, out of the woodwork, that old-time thought process. That’s scary—it really is.”

Black men and White man in multicolored clothing stand behind seated row of Black women and men in multicolored clothing in front of white screen with black and yellow and grey logos and text in front of black background

Black Community Orgs, Audiences Generate Unprecedented Excitement for 'Black Panther'

The Marvel movie is turning into a nationwide moment, and it hasn’t even been released yet.

Cheerleaders hold hands

How a Kneeling Protest Divided a North Carolina County

A new article looks at how a simple action—in which several Black cheerleaders at an area high school kneeled to protest racial injustice—illuminated the underlying problems in a community.