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Immigrants and their supporters rally in New York City during a protest against recent Immigration and Customs Enforcement raids on February 16, 2017.

White House Denies Allegations It Plans to Activate National Guard for Immigration Enforcement

“There is no effort to do what is potentially suggested,” said Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

Closeup photo of Donald Trump grimacing

The Media's Big Trump Conundrum

News outlets that pride themselves on objectivity are struggling with how to characterize the racism and xenophobia of the Donald Trump Administration. 

Mona Hanna-Attisha, director of the Pediatric Residency Program at Hurley Medical Center, at the Capitol on February 10, 2016, in Washington, D.C. A year ago, she exposed the blood lead levels of Flint children.

READ: A Year Later, Flint Continues to Deal With Drinking Water Problems

In the city of 99,000 residents, fewer than 200 unsafe pipes have been replaced.

Handcuffs carved out of jade

POLL: Young White Adults Think Black Lives Matter Encourages Violence Against Police

Conversely, the survey also found that the message of the Black Lives Matter movement may be gaining ground outside of the African-American community.

Daniel Trelka in navy police uniform behind brown podium with red, white and blue American flag in background

City in Iowa Gave Black Teen Hush Money After Police Assault

A new report says Waterloo officials gave Malcolm Anderson an additional $5,000, on top of his $95,000 settlement, to not speak to media or civil rights groups.

Muslim Communities Fight Cemetery Backlash With Mixed Results

A new article from The Associated Press documents resistance to Muslim cemetery construction in four municipalities across the country. 

REPORT: Nearly 1,000 Police Officers Lost Badges for Sexual Assault, Misconduct

A year-long Associated Press investigation uncovered a staggering number of police officers accused of sexual assault and misconduct—including Daniel Holtzclaw, whose trial begins today. 

Dave Chappelle: Political Artists 'Are Very Relevant and Necessary' During 'Emotionally-Charged Time'

The legendarily transgressive comic and writer spoke about creative responsibility and slammed “Key and Peele” during his remarks at the Art For Life benefit in Long Island this weekend. 

AP Stylebook Revises Definition of 'Islamist'

Last Thursday the AP moved to disassociate the term “Islamist” from its negative connotations with “Islamic fighters, militants, extremists or radicals, who may or may not be Islamists.”

Why the AP's Choice to Drop the I-Word Is a Crucial Victory

Because the deliberately divisive and willfully inaccurate term has stood in the way of real discussion for too long.

Associated Press Stylebook Drops 'Illegal Immigrant'

The Associated Press announced on Tuesday they will no longer recommend journalists use the term illegal immigrant when referring to immigrants in the United States without legal permission.

The Associated Press' Developing, Conflicted Policy on the I-Word

The AP’s policy updates are hopeful, because they articulate all of the evidence necessary to stop calling people “illegal.” Now the organization just needs to take its own advice.