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WATCH: Multiracial Americans Address Dislocation, Pride in New Video

Multiracial people with wide-reaching ethnic origins speak candidly about their experiences in this new video from NBC Asian America.

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AAPI Orgs, Activists Join Forces for New Voter Mobilization Initiative and Concerts

#IAmAsianAmerican launched today with plans to register 15,000 Asian-American millenials to vote through via free concerts in four cities on October 16.

Thousands Protest Ex-NYPD Cop Peter Liang's Conviction

A jury recently found the Chinese-American former officer guilty of killing Akai Gurley, an unarmed Black man.

STUDY: Having Friends of Color Can Make You Seem Less Racist

Researchers say the company White people keep can soften the blow of potentially racist comments.

STUDY: White Students See Asian-Americans as More Competent Than Blacks, Latinos

Researchers find that some students at prestigious universities subscribe to stereotypes that can impact everything from the workforce to the voting booth.

Asian-American Student To Donald Trump: 'I'm As American As It Gets'

During a Q&A session at Monday’s No Labels Problem Solver Convention in New Hampshire, Donald Trump asked a Korean-American student a loaded question about his national origin.