R. Kelly. Black man wearing dark suit, dark glasses, white shirt, tie, under umbrella.

R. Kelly Arrested By Homeland Security Officers On Federal Sex Charges

Indicted by New York and northern Illinois federal courts, the singer was taken into custody while walking his dog in Chicago.

White man in navy police uniform and black sunglasses on top of Black woman in blue jeans and white shirt against grey pavement

Texas Cop Suspended 10 Days For Violent Arrest of Black Woman, Daughters

Jacqueline Craig’s attorney: ”I don’t care how many Black faces [the Fort Worth Police Department puts] in uniform, they put a message out that our lives are less valuable.”

Black man in green jacket near black SUV and White man in light blue shirt and khaki pants

Minnesota Mayor Pledges Protocol Review After Arrest Video Goes Viral

The controversial video shows Larnie Thomas, a Black man, as he is grabbed by a plainclothes officer while walking in the street to bypass construction.

This Houston Man Says He Was Arrested for an Unpaid Student Loan

Seriously, this is happening to people. 

That Time the FBI Tweeted About Martin Shkreli and the New Wu-Tang Album

Yeah, that happened. 

Video: Portland Committee Reviews Arrest of Nine-Year-Old Girl

The child was in a wet swimsuit when she was handcuffed and taken into custody at an adult jail.